Circulation massage oil for tired legs

Exceltic Dren is a 100% natural body massage oil based on chemotyped vegetable and essential oils. Suitable for circulatory and drainage massages. The essential oils of the formula are known for their draining properties and for improving circulation, so they can help bring comfort to your legs and help improve the natural circulation of body fluids. Peppermint essential oil promotes the decongestion of the area and brings lightness to the legs thanks to its mild refreshing sensation.

Size: 125 ml

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EXCELTIC DREN is a circulation massage oil for tired legs

INGREDIENTS: Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, calophyllum inophyllum seed oil, cupressus sempervivens oil, cedrelopsis grevei baillon oil, laurus nobilis oil, pistacia lentiscus oil, cedrus atlantica oil, mentha piperita oil, limoneno*, D-limoneno*, linalol*.
(*)is a natural part of essential oils.

Apply by massage.


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