The synergy and fusion between scientific aromatherapy and cosmetics.


Therapeutic cosmetics goes beyond the aesthetic beauty looking for an action at all levels, with a therapeutic and balancing function.

A new sensation.

A revelation for your senses.

it reveals the deepest essences and the most valuable secrets of nature with the aim to be part of your skin.

Using high quality ingredients is the key for the safety and efficiency of our products.

Each formula is a NEW CHALLENGE:

  • we fight for assuring EXCELLENCE
  • we buy the best ingredients in the world, WE REQUEST ITS MAXIMUM QUALITY
  • we formulate with PASSION
  • we ensure high SCIENTIFIC KNOWLEDGE
  • we use proven SCIENTIFIC DATA

We always formulate with chemotyped essential oils

100% natural and pure extracts obtained from a complete distillation of botanically identified and harvested plants at the right time


A botanical identification method that allows us to determine which molecules compound each oil and in which concentration. This analysis is vital to ensure the properties and the efficiency of the product, it provides knowledge, control and reliability to each formula.

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