Did you know that according to some studies only 45% of athletes use sun protection?

When practicing sports outdoors we expose our skin and our body to solar radiation and to environmental and climatic abrasions. It is not only the sun that affects our skin but also environmental dryness, sea salt, etc. At Exceltic we are aware of how important is for our health to sunbathe in order to assimilate and synthesize vitamin D and how to protect ourselves to prevent and minimize its harmful effects.

The SPORT & SUN pack contains a sun protection facial cream and a vitalizing, illuminating and recovering body oil. Both products are 100% natural and will help you to prevent photoaging and the appearance of spots due to the sun.

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Daily cream with SPF: 50ml
Moisturizing, nourishing, regenerating, anti-aging, antioxidant, recovering daily cream with a sun protection factor based on physical filters. Light and fluid texture. It acts as a sun protection factor for your daily routine, that is, it provides your skin with a maintenance SPF as a method of protection against sun damage in your daily life. Not designed to sunbathe actively but to be exposed to it normally during the practice of sport.

Body oil: 100ml
Body oil formulated with 15 of the best vegetable oils for your skin in contact with the sun. It will help keep your skin visibly cared for all summer, protected, brightened and vitalized. Carrot oil makes this oil help you achieve a natural and long lasting tan and the other oils in the formula make it possible for you to use it too after exposing yourself to the sun as an aftersun.


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