The word “fitness” literally means WELLNESS. Fitness is considered to be a state of physical health achieved through a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.
In the world of fitness, a “new” concept called FUNCTIONAL TRAINING is in vogue. This type of training is based on the body’s natural biomechanics and consists of complex, multi-joint movements that work the whole body in a very complete way. In this way, with relatively short sessions of between 30 and 50 minutes we work the upper, lower and central (core) areas of the body throughout the different exercises.

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The reason and the aim of this fitness pack designed in collaboration with Ohiana Kortazar (trail runner) is to bring this type of practice and its benefits to anyone without time or resources to attend gym classes.
In addition to a set of exercises specially designed and chosen to work your whole body, in this pack you will find three elastic bands to use in the exercises and an Exceltic Sport body massage oil in spray format that will bring wellness and recover your muscles and joints.

FITNESS PACK contains:

  • 1 Exceltic Sport (75ml)
  • 3 elastic bands to work the body
  • Exercice guide