Pack that offers you a practical and 100% natural solution to care for your feet and your hands, depending on your needs and the sport you practice.
It is composed of products that allow you to exfoliate the limbs, perform a massage, apply an anti-friction treatment and finally improve the health and resistance of the nails.

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This pack is specially designed to dedicate some time and care to our feet and our hands. Did you know that your feet are made up of over 20 bones, over 30 joints, over 100 muscles, tendons, ligaments and several thousand nerve endings? Almost nothing! In sports, the feet are the big ones forgotten, but due to their complex structure and their important functionality on our body and especially in sports, we must always take them into account and take care of them as much as possible.

If you’re a sportsman or you like walking and especially if you like running, you have to be aware that the gesture of walking is repeated endlessly throughout the day, in training, on the route or in the competition (in a marathon we’re treppling about 30,000 times). On each step, the structure of the foot must bear the weight of the body, which according to the speed at which we are running can be multiplied by two and even tripled. For this reason, our feet must be ready, well equipped and well-guarded to respond effectively, correctly and safely to the demands and pressure that we put on them, without deforming or disadvantaging along all the kilometres that we travel.

Stepping in one way or another, as well as the health of our feet, have consequences on their structures and joints, we have to assume that our footing is not 100% perfect and that with every pressure we exert on the ground small decompensations are produced  that transmitted in decompensations on the rest of articular chains. For that reason, a training and strengthening of the feet, as well as performing care and massage on a regular basis can help us to avoid and prevent injuries, such as plantar fasciitis among others, and at the same time improve performance.

If you are a climber, the same apply to your hands: Just like running feet are the main lift and the point of contact with the ground, when we climb, your hands are the main surface of contact between the rock and the climber. Like the feet, the hands have a complex structure as they are made up of 27 bones, various muscle groups and a complex anatomical structure in general.

When climbing, the hands are under a lot of pressure and you have to be aware of it. Preparing and caring for them can be one of the keys to making your skin stronger, elastic and resilient, so that you can climb more comfortably, minimizing injuries, performing better and for longer. This pack offers you a practical and 100% natural solution to care for your feet and your hands, according to your needs and the sport you practice.

The Touch pack will allow you to exfoliate your limbs in two levels according to your needs and their condition: with the Aranja Scrub exfoliant you can perform a gentle and pleasant exfoliation and massage while with the natural stone you can focus on those areas that require a more intense or deep exfoliation. Our recommendation is to perform an exfoliation once a week, although you can adapt it depending on your physical activity and the health of your feet. We recommend always exfoliating with wet feet / hands and performing gentle circular massages clockwise.

After the exfoliation and after each workout / competition it is very important to perform a massage with Karité balm. We recommend massaging after a shower or having washed our hands when the skin is softer and ready to absorb the maximum properties and nutrition that this balm can provide. This balm has a high regenerating, restorative and moisturizing power.

The Exceltic Rub anti-friction balm is especially indicated to apply in weaker or damaged points, for example, if you have a callus, hardness, blister, injury or discomfort due to excessive friction, etc. We recommend applying this balm as a prevention and also when the injury has already appeared. You can apply as many times a day as you need.

Finally, the hardening, strengthening and disinfecting oil for nails will allow us to improve their health and resistance, while disinfecting nearby areas that may present some type of injury, small wound or infection.


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  • 1 exfoliant Aranja Scrub: 200 ml
  • 1 natural exfoliant stone
  • 1 Karité Balm: 50 ml
  • 1 Exceltic Rub: 15 gr
  • 1 nail strengthening and disinfectant oil: 10 ml